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Javier Ordonez, Amanda Brass, Kimberly Peters, Nigel Chisholm, Christian Watts, Carmen Silva, Kytriena Payseno, Danica Dawn Coble, Amanda Probst, Stephen Mendel, Lea Roman, Foreste Killian Quinn, Trey Boone, Vivien Latham, Michael Bayouth
When Max has a disturbing incident with a driver from a transportation network service, he's compelled to become a driver himself. But there's something alluring and insidious about the car. Max becomes psychologically attached to something corrupt in its programming. By time his fiancé confronts him about the sudden decision to be a driver, the car possesses Max completely. A whole night of terror and massacre unravels as Max becomes the conduit of a dangerous psychopathic spirit with a thirst for vengeance. But who is really in control?
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